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Looking to the future

When he founded Syscomax over 25 years ago, Sylvain Robitaille had a vision, that of setting aside convention to create an avant-garde building company.
By preparing his children Mélissa and Jean-Philip to take over the helm, Sylvain Robitaille has made sure his dream will live on. Day after day, Syscomax strives to be the most visionary contractor in North America in each and every one of its construction mandates. This may represent a big challenge but it also lends the company an energy that has fired it for the last 25 years and that will continue to make its mark in the years to come.

Syscomax : building relationships

Syscomax is more than a general contractor specialized in the construction of commercial, industrial, agrifood and institutional buildings. Syscomax is composed of some forty employees who strive everyday to make the impossible happen, designing what others cannot attain and constructing complex and innovative buildings. Syscomax is a promoter, a developer, and day after day, the company pushes the limits of the construction industry. Syscomax develops and builds major projects with a turnkey approach by investing in its creative human capital. Employees of all ages work together and share their attitude, their savoir-faire, their experience and their ideas.

Beyond steel and concrete, Syscomax builds relationships. At the heart of these relationships are first and foremost our clients but also our employees and partners who share common values of engagement, integrity, open-mindedness, thoroughness and first and foremost vision.

A builder involved in the community

Aside from giving to many community organisations, of which the Club des petits déjeuners, the company has been involved for the last 15 years in fundraising events for the Hôpital régional de Saint-Jérôme. Sylvain Robitaille is a member of the board of the hospital foundation since 2011 and participates each year in the organisation of the annual Courir à Notre Santé event.

In Spring 2014, Mélissa Robitaille was honorary president of the 8th march of the Fondation de l’Autisme des Laurentides. The Syscomax team was also involved in upgrading the autism houses of Saint-Jérôme and Blainville.

Every year, the directors and employees of Syscomax make it a point to give back to their community.

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Icon Agrifood

An impressive track record in the agrifood sector

With over 140 turnkey new construction and expansion projects in the agrifood sector, Syscomax is a premier strategic partner. In a sector as heavily regulated as agrifood, every detail is important and quality control is foremost.

The Syscomax team has the experience and the skills required to guide its partners in the agrifood sector at each phase of a project, from architecture and design to the finishing of production areas that meet the most stringent industry requirements. With environmental questions becoming more and more top of mind, Syscomax has a major advantage in the engineering of buildings designed to reduce energy usage and needs.

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Icon Aeronautical

A passion for the aeronautical secto

Aeronautics is one of the first passions of Syscomax administrators: it has led them to open a general aviation FBO (fixed-base operator) called Hélibellule in 2007. The company is located at the Mirabel International Airport, a major advantage given its proximity.

Aeronautics is one of the first passions of Syscomax administrators: it lead them to open a general aviation service called Hélibellule in 2007. The company is located at the Mirabel International Airport, a major advantage given its proximity.

Syscomax combines technical qualifications in aeronautical operations and regulations with its expertise in construction and architecture to give an extra edge to aeronautical companies looking to update their installations. Syscomax masters both the management of federal airport construction projects and security management in restricted areas. When you build close to airplane traffic, there is no margin for error.

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Icon Commercial

Working with a general contractor with an eye for a good deal

Specialized in the construction of commercial buildings, Syscomax accompanies its clients from the very start, looking for potential sites right up to the delivery of the building and its financing. Success in this industry depends largely on location and working with an experienced contractor such as Syscomax represents a major advantage.

Our team has put its creativity to work on hundreds of commercial projects to date. With this rich experience, the company is committed to design well-thought out and modern commercial buildings, designed with accessibility and the comfort of users in mind. In each of its commercial construction projects, Syscomax draws on the skill of its architects, designers and engineers to ensure the success of the occupants.

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Icon Industrial

Solid experience for Quebec’s manufacturing sector

It is on major and complex projects that Syscomax’ expertise and value truly shine. In industrial projects, a multitude of external factors must be taken into consideration – regulations, financing, certification, environment, user friendliness and future expansion to name a few.

Over the last 25 years, Syscomax has accumulated vast knowledge in the construction of agrifood, sports, pharmaceutical and commercial buildings as well as buildings in the aeronautical sector. For every project, our architecture, engineering and design teams are called upon to ensure the coordination and delivery of buildings that go beyond customer expectations and push the limits of construction. Syscomax stands apart for its commitment to find solutions where others have failed.

> A visit of our industrial projects will convince you of our team's flexibility

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Icon Pharmaceutical

Syscomax knows pharmaceutical standards

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most regulated sectors. At Syscomax, our personnel involved in building in the pharmaceutical sector know the importance of understanding and applying the stringent sanitary controls that need to be in place. The lives of thousands of people are at stake. Syscomax is a first-hand partner in planning and optimizing pharmaceutical facilities and applying the rules and regulations that apply in the industry.

The performance level of teams operating in the pharmaceutical sector is crucial and responsibility is shared among all team members. The projects are well documented; communications and transparency are crucial at the office and on the job site. The construction process is controlled every step of the way and the coordination between the different trades is of the utmost importance.

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Icon Sports

Pushing the limits of design, architecture and engineering

For a number of years now, Syscomax has been developing innovative concepts for sports complexes for interior soccer and ice sports designed with the user in mind. The buildings are airier, more spacious. Players benefit from magnificent and well-designed playing surfaces, user-friendly changing rooms, and large and functional sanitary installations. Spectators on the other hand enjoy unobstructed views on the game, comfortable waiting areas and animated, high-end restaurants.

When it comes to energy efficiency, Syscomax looks to the future by designing arenas with cooling systems that are also used to heat the building. The company is a pioneer in the use of LED lighting, which reduces energy consumption while producing lighting of unsurpassed quality.

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Icon Rental

Key partners in rental property

Syscomax is on the lookout for opportunities in the construction of condos and rental buildings for industrial or administrative functions. Thanks to its many relationships and multiple partnerships, the company can accompany its clients in the financing, renting or leasing of buildings. The company also owns many buildings for rent, of both industrial and administrative vocations. Syscomax has access to a vast network of partners and investors to develop commercial and industrial projects.

If you are looking for strategic locations, financial partners and partners who can time and time again push the limits of construction, contact Syscomax! Every one of our rental buildings has a distinct architecture and design. A Syscomax project is synonymous with quality and innovation.

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