An important groundbreaking for Imprimerie Continuum

The official groundbreaking ceremony for the Imprimerie Continuum plant was held June 21 in Saint-Jérôme. Along with the project leader and general contractor Syscomax and the plant's employees, Imprimerie Continuum’s President Sylvain Richer, his father Roger Richer, the company's founder, and Nancy Charlebois, its Vice-President, had the honour of kicking off the project.

Founded in 1985, Imprimerie Continuum specializes in digital printing, postal distribution and variable data and data processing to support companies looking to reach out to consumers directly. Since taking over from his father in 2000, Sylvain Richer has enjoyed great success. Nancy Charlebois joined the team in 2013, and together with Sylvain Richer has helped the company reach new heights. To meet the company’s growth head on, a new building that offers more space than the current one was required.

And so, the project to build a plant with a total floor area of about 12,000 square feet was launched. The building will have a steel structure and a concrete foundation. Delivery is set for the end of October 2019.

This moment is of great significance for Imprimerie Continuum, as the company’s new, fully adapted facilities will help meet growing demand better moving forward.

“This groundbreaking is very important for my family and me; it represents the work of a lifetime for my father and for me blossoming before our eyes. I chose Syscomax to carry out the mandate because they have an impressive track record and from our first interactions with the company, they gained my trust.”

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