Avantage Sport purses its full potential with Syscomax

Avantage Sport has chosen Syscomax for the transformation of its facilities. Located on Gaston-Dumoulin Street in Blainville, the company specializing in high-performance surfacing of sports installations, is a leader in its field.

The goal of the project is to renovate the current Avantage Sport building to include rental units while keeping the company’s own offices intact. During the work, a new tenant expressed interest for one of the building’s spaces, which resulted in a change of plans: Syscomax must not only enlarge the infrastructure as planned, but also transfer Avantage Sport’s offices to another area of the building in order to allow the tenant to move in to its former space.

The company was able to act on this opportunity and offer its employees brand-new work spaces at the same time. The expansion covers a total area of 16,200 sq. ft. on the ground floor and 1,800 sq. ft. on the upper level. Avantage Sport will occupy 11,500 sq. ft. of the ground floor as well as the entire upper area.

The arrangement of the walls and partitions, notably on the lobby level, will allow for abundant natural lighting to create an exceptional atmosphere. Avantage Sport employees will also have side access to a green exterior patio. As well, a large glass door will separate the interior and exterior areas, giving the building plenty of character.

The project will permit Avantage Sport to optimize the lot’s potential. As this is the last expansion possible at this site, the Syscomax team must ensure that each square foot is used as optimally as possible. A challenge that they will no doubt successfully meet!

The work, which began mid-October, is scheduled to be completed mid-March.