Health & food safety at the heart of agri-food construction work

Building or renovating of an agri-food factory requires industry-specific expertise, to ensure health and safety in all facilities. A general contractor specializing in agri-food work will put forward solutions that are tailored to meet factory requirements and that do not jeopardize production quality.

In this article, you will find tips on how to choose a general contractor, but also how to ensure health and food safety throughout your agri-food facility build or renovation.

Choosing the Right Materials for the Right Locations

Health and safety requirements for food production facilities are stringent. First, production needs to be organized to avoid any potential contamination and all installations need to meet worker health and safety standards.

For instance, building materials used in the various stages of production need to be sturdy and prevent dust accumulation. Floors must be non-slip, but easy to clean. The general contractor will need to consider where each room and section is located, to avoid organic or chemical contamination. The plan will also need to account for the range of materials used in production, to minimize any explosion hazard.

Managing Waste Generated by Construction and Production

In all types of plants, daily operations will produce waste. Throughout construction work, the general contractor has to take waste management into account, to avoid food contamination. A waste treatment system needs to be created, so that waste generated by the plant can be managed efficiently and safely.

If renovations are planned, your agri-food construction expert will also need to develop a waste management strategy for construction work. This plan should be separate from the plant’s current system and should instead provide a specific waste management strategy.

Preparing an Agri-Food Plant Maintenance System

It’s no secret that food tends to attract pests. From rats to insects, these critters are never welcome in a food production facility. To avoid infestations, your general contractor needs to provide a maintenance system for machines and facilities. This aspect of the work must be a priority, as it will affect the reputation of the company and the quality of the food it produces. The system should both streamline cleaning in all facilities and prevent outbreaks of food-borne diseases.

Choosing a General Contractor Who Will Meet Health and Safety Standards

To carry out renovation or construction work in an agri-food complex, a number of health and safety requirements need to be met. These strict standards ensure food production quality in Canada and serve to protect consumers. Here is a list of certifications that your general contractor should have, if they specialize in agri-food construction :

    • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), overseen by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency
    • Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) standards
    • Global Food Safety Industry standards
    • ISO Certification

If you have an agri-food construction project, please contact us today. Syscomax has many years of experience in the agri-food construction industry. Our specialized professionals can support you throughout all stages of your project and provide valuable advice to ensure profitability.

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