How to choose a commercial construction company?

If you want to build a new commercial space, a restaurant, a big box store or a shopping center, you need to choose your construction company wisely. Many construction companies, including Syscomax, will have the experience you need to guarantee a successful project. Working with an inept construction company or, even worse, a company that doesn’t have the specialized experience required to work in your field, can quickly turn into a nightmare. In this article, you will find some tips and tricks to help you choose the right commercial construction company.

General Criteria

For all types of construction projects (commercial, industrial, institutional), the following two criteria are essential:  

  1. Licenses and insurance: first, make sure that the company has a license issued by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec. This license acts as a guarantee, representing the general contractor’s professional qualifications and solvency. Second, check whether the merchant has a liability insurance policy covering accidents or damages.
  2. Background check: on the Office de la protection du consommateur du Québec website, you can look up merchants and general contractors, to run a background check. This is where you will find permits, any interactions that the Office de la protection du consommateur may have had with the company, and formal notices submitted by consumers (if applicable). You will also be able to reach out to the company’s former customers, doing your own research about both the quality of their services and their general customer satisfaction.

If the construction company does not meet these two criteria, you should go on with your search.

Commercial Construction Projects

Investing in a commercial construction project is riskier than building a house. Before taking the first steps with contractors in your area, make sure to carefully assess your needs.

Is building from scratch beneficial for your business or would it be better to renovate an existing building? Will the location of your new building allow you to keep up with company growth for many years to come or will you have to relocate within 10 years?

These questions may seem trivial, but far too many businesses jump into a construction project without even considering other options.

If you decide to go ahead with your commercial build, then the next step is find a contractor you can (almost) trust blindly. A well-established construction company will walk you through their recent projects and explain each part of their contract, in detail. The contractor will guide you through the legal paperwork and have a solid understanding of new construction methods. Furthermore, many municipalities now have established energy efficiency standards. Make sure that your contractor is familiar with them and able to meet these requirements.

Ultimately, a commercial build will require a close collaboration between you and your contractor. Ideally, you want to develop a business relationship that is based on trust and respect. A good contractor will be friendly and professional. You should feel comfortable with your contractor; this person should listen to you and address your questions with honesty.

If you are looking for a commercial construction company, Syscomax is up to the challenge. Thanks to our wealth of experience in the construction industry, we can respond to all your requests and specific needs. We are proud to contribute to the growth and success of all our clients.

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