Foliot furniture calls upon the Syscomax expertise

An industry leader in the design and manufacture of quality furniture for student residences and hotels, Foliot Furniture has mandated Syscomax for the construction of their new production plant in Mirabel. This brand new 170 000 square-foot building, located along Autoroute 50 and set to open next October, will undoubtedly be an important locale, providing even better positioning for Foliot Furniture, as well as maximum visibility.

With the construction of this new production plant, Foliot Furniture has decided to innovate and integrate a space dedicated to the production of its own melamine, which will allow them to become one of the first manufacturing companies to self-source this type of material in North America. As lead time is limited, due to an incoming shipment of new equipment and the need to start production, Syscomax workers have increased efforts to fast-track this project, which means that design work and coordination of various trade groups will have to be done at the same time. A major challenge!

In addition to working with short lead times, Syscomax has to take into account all clearances required for bringing in production equipment and thus adapt structural spans, which are far beyond standard designs. With its steel frame, elaborate architectural facade made up of top-quality materials, and generous window layout, this building will be unique and is sure to be noticed along Autoroute 50!

"Foliot has been focused on the future, innovation and growth from the very beginning. The partnership we have had with Syscomax for more than 20 years has always been a guarantee of success for our growth. I am very demanding when it comes to achieving our goals, as well as the targeted performance criteria that I expect to see. Syscomax is a company that maintains consistent levels of efficiency and always knows how to meet and even exceed my expectations. " Daniel Foliot, President Foliot Furniture.

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