New titles, new functions, same faces!

In response to an evolving economy and market, the Syscomax management team has reviewed its business strategy and organizational structure over the past few months with the company’s future success in mind.

Today, we are pleased to announce that Mélissa Robitaille is taking over the leadership of Syscomax as CEO. She is responsible for ensuring the company’s growth and sound management, among other things, while maintaining Syscomax’s excellent reputation.

As for Jean-Philip Robitaille, he now holds the position of President of Syscomax Immobilier where he is responsible for the company’s smooth running and the development of its real estate portfolio, while overseeing the development of Syscomax's business.

The two new presidents continue to work in concert, complementing each other and joining forces when required to ensure the growth and continuity of the company. Their father, who founded the company in 1988, still plays an active role in the company.

Let’s offer them our full support and wish them much success and happiness in their new respective functions!

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