François Grenon, François Grenon Architecte Inc.
Interior design


A business that has been established for several years in St-Jérôme, DekHockey opened a brand new sport complex of 34,590 sq. ft. in St-Eustache along Highway 640.

In building this new complex, DekHockey owners hoped to shape the market with contemporary, quality facilities and a modern environment, both on the court and in areas designed for spectators. With this goal in mind, Syscomax developed an elevated, central bar and restaurant area that provides a clear view of interior as well as exterior rinks, thanks to a top-to-bottom glass facade. For events, a spectator box was built into the mezzanine of the 2nd floor, allowing users to watch both indoor courts.

The two outdoor courts are surrounded by raised platforms and stands that provide an elevated view. The exterior layout was designed to accommodate 3 additional courts in the future.

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