Jean-François Dupuis

Imprimerie Continuum

Founded in 1985, Imprimerie Continuum specializes in digital printing, postal distribution, variable data and data processing to support businesses that wish to reach their consumers directly.

In 2019, Imprimerie Continuum called upon the expertise of Syscomax for the construction of a building with a total area of approximately 12,000 square feet. The new, modern-style building is composed of a steel structure mounted on a cement foundation, a combined corrugated steel and brick façade, and abundant fenestration.

This new building, fully adapted for printing equipment, is now better equipped to meet the growing demand of the company’s loyal clientele.

“I went with Syscomax to carry out the mandate because they are highly experienced. From my very first contact with them, they had my trust.”

– Sylvain Richer, President, Imprimerie Continuum