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The Syscomax team is pleased to have been selected by Le Marronnier, a major player in the seniors’ housing industry, to carry out the construction of a sixth 15-storey residential tower along Highway 440 West in Laval. This residential complex is recognized as one of the largest in Canada, with 1,314 apartments located all at the same address.

Construction began in December 2018, and the first tenants moved in in June 2020. The new 273-unit residential building occupies 298,000 square feet and is built over a two-level underground parking garage, for a total area of 450,750 square feet. The new building features large common areas that offer multiple recreational spaces for occupants’ enjoyment, such as bowling alleys, games rooms, bocce courts and lounge areas. A vast corridor, with a water basin, aviary and generous greenery, links the buildings of Phases 5 and 6.

In parallel with the construction work, Syscomax undertook the complete renovation of the existing restaurant, involving the expansion of the dining room area and newly designed kitchen spaces.

As with any construction project, this one presented several challenges, since the work took place a short distance from occupied residences. Blasting had to be done in a way to minimize the noise impact on tenants in the other phases. We also had to ensure we protected the surrounding vegetation and an artificial pond. These are just a few examples of how Syscomax team members put their ingenuity and expertise to work for both clients and users!

Pictures of the interior building will be available soon, so be sure to check back.

Syscomax Le Marronnier phase 6 13 1Syscomax Le Marronnier phase 6 18Syscomax Le Marronnier phase 6 15Syscomax Le Marronnier phase 6 11Syscomax Le Marronnier phase 6 12Syscomax Le Marronnier phase 6 17
Syscomax Le Marronnier phase 6 7

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