Aerocity of Mirabel
Jean-François Dupuis
David Boyer


Quebec-based Métautek, a company specializing in the design, manufacturing and installation of wrought-metal works and metal structures, once again called on Syscomax for its latest project: a 22,000 sq. ft. expansion of its current 25,870 sq. ft. plant located in Mirabel.

In addition to facing an increased demand for its services, Métautek wanted to develop a new market in steel structure manufacturing. Given the company’s new operations, the initial building area, erected by the Syscomax team in 2017, had to almost double in size to provide the necessary space to accommodate the new equipment.

“We had to work very closely with the Métautek team throughout this project to coordinate the construction so we could integrate the client’s new specialized equipment. It was quite a challenge, but we’re delighted with the result!” –Samuel Léonard, Project Manager

Despite the current difficulty in sourcing materials, the 5-month project was completed on time in July 2022 by the experienced Syscomax team, which proudly delivered this third mandate for Métautek.

The two companies have enjoyed a close, beneficial business partnership for more than 15 years: Métautek is not only a client, it is also one of Syscomax’s trusted subcontractors on various construction projects.

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