Pierre Vézina (phase 1)
Jean-François Dupuis (phase 2)

Orange Traffic

Currently in a strong growth phrase, the Orange Traffic company, specializing in the design, manufacture and distribution of products in the field of signalling and traffic light technology, has entrusted Syscomax with the mandate to expand its plant. With the expansion work, Orange Traffic managers planned to solve two challenges at once: increase production areas and storage capacity for raw materials and finished products, and offer industrial rental spaces to meet the current shortage of storage areas in the manufacturing sector.

The expansion of the building, located in the Mirabel Industrial Park and previously designed and erected by the Syscomax team in 2015, was carried out on two sections of the existing building, for an additional 16,195 sq. ft. in total. The architect project manager, Jean-François Dupuis, ensured continuity of the architectural style of the initial building by standardizing the materials and respecting the distribution and positioning of the first phase. Lasting approximately six months, the works were delivered in November 2021.

“We are very happy to have collaborated again with Syscomax for the expansion of our facilities. With this project, we are positioning the company for the future and greater growth. Working with a high-level contractor such as Syscomax was essential to our approach, as their professionalism and expertise anchor our process.” – Roger Fugère, President, Orange Traffic

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