Zinno Zappitelli

Stelia North America (Phase 2)

The construction of Stelia North America’s headquarters in 2012 by Syscomax was a great success, allowing the company to establish itself in Quebec. The client therefore approached Syscomax again to realize the extension of the building’s office areas. Syscomax’s execution teams were put to the test by multiple obstacles such as unexpected ground conditions and customer demands that changed during the course of the project. The executive team redoubled its efforts to meet the company’s usual standards of excellence. Despite these difficulties, the project was completed in 4 months, earlier than scheduled. In December 2018, the client was able to integrate the now more spacious 15,800-sq.-ft. premises.

As for the materials used, the extension was built on a steel structure. The exterior walls are clad with insulating panels and the interior finish combines gypsum, vinyl tile and ceramic to complement the modern style of Phase 1.

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