High- density
Maurice Bergman
Défi Marcus Vitruve
Interior design

Les Tours Axial (phase 1)

This rental residential project is the first of a series for Syscomax. Located next to Chomedey Boulevard and the 440 Autoroute in Laval, the 12-floor building includes 106 units, a roof terrace, underground parking and a gym, with a total living area of 108,000 sq. ft. The first of two, the Tour Axial features sustainable materials such as prefabricated concrete and a white roof membrane to reduce the heat island effect. Hot water is recirculated and heated with natural gas in high-efficiency boilers to reduce fuel consumption. The Tour has many underground water retention basins that will control the release into municipal infrastructure to a level equivalent to pre-development.

“ It is very reassuring to work with a contractor of Syscomax’s quality. The significant challenges, both technical and logistical due to the complexity of our site, have been masterfully managed, which has made it possible to achieve the financial objectives of the project. The success of our first phase lies largely in this strong and flexible partnership, and it is without hesitation that shareholders have authorized the launch of the second phase.”

Carol Murray, President

Syscomax Tours Axial 1 Edifice haute densité 5Syscomax Tours Axial 1 Edifice haute densité 4Syscomax Tours Axial 1 Edifice haute densité 1Syscomax Tours Axial 1 Edifice haute densité 8Syscomax Tours Axial 1 Edifice haute densité 10Syscomax Tours Axial 1 Edifice haute densité 9

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