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Le Solaris

Following several weeks of planning and design in close collaboration with Helisis, a family-based real estate company, Syscomax is proud to announce a new construction project – Le Solasis. This new construction of high-density residential building in Boisbriand began in the Fall of 2021.

With its construction Le Solaris will be considered the tallest building in the Faubourg Boisbriand area with nine floors. To maximize space, the new project will include 133 rental units along with 180 underground and 19 outdoor parking spaces. The total surface area of Le Solaris will be 202 500 sq. ft (18 820 m2) and will be offering a variety of different surroundings near all the main roads and services. This residential property will include a rooftop patio with a pool and spa, a gym, a function room, a lounge adapted for coworking, and underground parking with up to 30-charging stations dedicated to electric cars.

Syscomax will apply an intricate strategy to implement this project. The footprint of the subsoil represents 75% of the land area and the General contractor will use the retaining wall technique rather than conventional methods to build the foundation. With the current supply chain difficulties, the team will have to work twice as hard to maintain the construction schedule as planned.

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