Saladexpress entrusts its expansion to Syscomax

The company Saladexpress, which promotes fresh local vegetables by preparing them for use by amateur, professional and industrial cooks, commissioned Syscomax to carry out the interior refurbishment of its current building.

The project involved the relocation and modification of production lines by incorporating new adapted processing equipment. In addition, a new configuration of the production areas was established to allow the company to accommodate the increased growth of its purchase orders. The total expansion is 22,000 sq. ft. and features new insulated metal panel partitions and fast-winding upright doors. Finally, the rough surfaces of the floors were covered with a polyurethane finish coating.

The project represented a significant challenge, since the facilities had to remain in full production and our client had a tight schedule. This required the completion of some work outside of working hours and extensive coordination. In order to achieve all this in a safe and sanitary way, it was important to isolate several sectors progressively to avoid any contamination of the areas adjacent to the work. However, the project wrapped up on time, and everything went smoothly.

”Our parameters were very restrictive in terms of the production that had to continue and the project timeframe. We were reassured from the start by the expertise and great professionalism of the Syscomax team. We were not disappointed and are very satisfied with the final result!” says Sylvain Racette, Chief Executive Officer, Saladexpress.