Experts in our field

Syscomax is a major company with well-rooted family values that has carried out ingenious and sustainable projects for three decades now.

Thanks to its versatile team of experts dedicated to imagining the unimaginable, we design innovative, complex and avant-garde buildings in many sectors, including the most highly controlled and standardized industries. For years, our expertise has made a mark in the agri-food, industrial, aeronautical, commercial, pharmaceutical, recreational, high-density residential and institutional sectors. We apply rigorous standards to meet our clients’ specific needs, no matter the scale of the project.

Syscomax is much more than a general contractor because it develops and executes all its projects by investing in its creative capital. Thanks to our conceptual value analysis approach, we deliver perfect results efficiently, which sets us apart.


Pushing the limits of design in a highly standardized environment

With hundreds of new construction projects and food factory expansions under its belt, Syscomax is a top-flight strategic partner.

Thanks to our expertise, we can design installations that meet the food and agri-food industry’s highest standards. With our keen eye for detail, we execute bold projects that exceed customer expectations, while respecting specific food production and control requirements.

In an era where the environmental footprint of industry is top of mind, Syscomax is an indispensable partner when it comes to finding innovative and eco-responsible alternatives while keeping operating costs to a minimum.


An impressive track record

The depth of Syscomax’s expertise is brought to bear most fully in large-scale and complex industrial building construction projects. Since each mandate is unique, the planning we do upstream allows us to prevent problems, propose innovative solutions and cover all the options available to our client where the future growth of their company is concerned. Regardless of the industry or product produced, our architecture, engineering and execution teams always pool their skills to meet deadlines and budgets, while staying in contact with the client throughout the project.

In addition to designing and building superior industrial buildings, Syscomax builds strong business relationships with its partners and clients, which often leads them to collaborate again with our team on their next project.


Where passion meets expertise

Over the years, Syscomax has acquired extensive expertise in the highly regulated aerospace sector where demand has shown a sharp increase. Whether a new building construction, expansion or modernization is involved, construction project management at federal airports must be carefully planned and executed to ensure compliance with airport operations and regulations. During the design phase, our team of experts works to position each element strategically to ensure optimal equipment handling or aircraft manoeuvring.

Syscomax has carried out many types of mandates in this sector and established credibility that has enabled it to carry out projects with world-renowned companies.


Designing spaces to make them eye-catching

Since a business’ success depends in large part on its geographical location, partnering with an experienced construction contractor of Syscomax’s calibre offers a considerable advantage. Syscomax is more than just a builder; we provide turnkey solutions whereby we guide clients from the early prospecting and land location stages and financing to final building delivery.

To date, the Syscomax team has applied its creativity to execute hundreds of commercial construction projects. With this broad experience in hand, we set out to create well-conceived, contemporary commercial buildings that also focus on accessibility and comfort.

Based on your needs, Syscomax leverages the skills of its multidisciplinary team so that all buildings are designed with entrepreneurial success in mind.


Complete control in an ultra-regulated industry

Since the Syscomax team has carried out numerous projects in the pharmaceutical sector, it knows how important it is to comply with sanitary control standards. For each mandate, we strive to meet the most stringent requirements by ensuring that projects are studied and documented, that the construction process is carried out meticulously and that communication between stakeholders is constant and rigorous.

In addition to overseeing the application of standards, Syscomax is always on the lookout for technological and energy-efficient innovations to ensure the proper storage of sterile products and operation of facilities.


The art of combining pleasure, creativity and innovation

These days, physical activity is an integral part of people’s daily routine. That’s why Syscomax develops modern and innovative sports complex and arena concepts that cater to the user experience. The success of these buildings lies in their design. We create airy, spacious structures and well-organized, durable and functional playing fields. For their part, spectators can enjoy all the action thanks to breathtaking views, comfortable waiting areas and high-end dining and gathering places. Everything is geared to the comfort of players, coaches and spectators alike.

Syscomax’s vision for the future centers on implementing cost- and energy-efficient systems that also reduce the ecological footprint of buildings.

High-density residential

Building vertically for specific needs

Syscomax knows how to home in on the right opportunities when it comes to selecting the perfect location to build rental condos. When we tackle a high-density residential building project, our primary task is to determine the client’s needs to come in on budget and meet deadlines. Drawing on multiple relationships and extensive knowledge, we can support each client in all aspects of their project, including financing and land location, regardless of the size of the building.

As the owner of several residential or commercial rental buildings, Syscomax also has a vast network of partners and reliable investors to support the development of your project.


Organizing creativity to shape the future

Many factors must be considered to ensure increased user safety when designing institutional or school buildings. These buildings must feature large, brightly lit spaces, modern and colourful architecture that makes it easy to get around and living areas that can accommodate hundreds of students or staff.

Syscomax has executed many projects in the institutional sector over the years. By carefully studying your needs and the challenges involved and bringing together the most qualified experts in the field, we’ll ensure the success of your project. Our multidisciplinary team will provide comprehensive support throughout the project and offer innovative, sustainable and up-to-date solutions based on your budget and timeline.

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