Syscomax concludes a second project with Maison Le Grand

In 2015, general contractor Syscomax erected the building of Maison Le Grand, a ready-to-eat plant-based specialist in Blainville. The infrastructure included administrative offices, production, warehousing and shipping areas for the company’s line of food products. In response to increased business growth and their first very positive experience with a general contractor, Maison Le Grand again turned to Syscomax when it came time to expand their facilities.

In order to guide and support our clients in their growth, the team in the first phase planned the expansion project so it maintained accessibility while the work was carried out. Specifically, a new freezer was installed and the old freezer was equipped with a quick cooler. Integrating these elements into an operating factory represents a significant challenge; it’s a situation, however, in which Syscomax’s execution teams excel. The area in question was erected on a steel structure that was finished in brick and prefabricated metal cladding panels suitable for agri-food installations. The expansion work was completed on July 19, without a hitch, allowing Maison Le Grand to seamlessly build on its momentum.

“Since the project to build our first factory was a great success, we had planned on completing the second phase with Syscomax. We had to be able to continue our operations in an environment that allowed for flawless food production, and we knew that the Syscomax team was the right one.”
– Tatiana Bossy, Co-founder and President, Maison Le Grand


Photo credit: Maison Le Grand

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