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Syscomax earns the confidence of Les Marronniers to orchestrate their expansion

The Syscomax team is pleased to have been chosen by Les Marronniers (The Morzaco Group), a pioneer in the retirement home industry, to oversee the construction of a 6th residential tower along Highway 440 West in Laval. The firm Ruccolo + Faubert Inc. has, for its part, been selected for the architectural work. This retirement home project, recognized as the largest in Canada, with 1,318 apartments located at the same address, will have its own set of challenges.

Work has been underway since November 2018, and the first tenants will be able to move in to the residence starting in the spring of 2020. The new 273-unit building will occupy an area of 298,000 sq. ft., built on 152,750 sq. ft., for a total of 450,750 sq. ft. The building will also include a large common room that will bring together a range of fun spaces for occupants, such as bowling alleys, arcades, pétanque, puck games and relaxation areas. A multipurpose room connecting the 5th and the 6th phases will be realized at a later date. In addition to the construction work, Syscomax is also completely renovating the existing restaurant by enlarging the dining room and adding equipment to the kitchen areas.

An elastomeric membrane has been chosen for the finishing of the roof, thus ensuring a longer life thanks to its strength and durability. The structure is concrete and the exterior cladding is made of aluminum and masonry.

The project poses several challenges, given the worksite’s close proximity to existing apartments. Blasting must therefore be done in such a way as to minimize the impact of the noise for the current 1,357 tenants. The surrounding vegetation and artificial pond must also be taken into account. Restricted access to the site forces the execution team to ensure tight coordination among stakeholders and to manage deliveries with great accuracy – conditions that the experienced Syscomax team is adept at handling.

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