Syscomax hosts beehives

To kick off the summer season, Syscomax wanted to be actively involved in the promotion and preservation of bees by partnering with Montreal-based company Alvéole. In the first week of June, the company installed two beehives on the land surrounding Syscomax’s headquarters. Currently, there are between 20,000 and 24,000 bees, and the colony has the potential to triple by fall!

Being the largest pollinator in Canada, bees are essential to the quality of life for all. Their contribution is not to be taken lightly, since almost a third of food consumption is due to the production of bees. Their survival and development are threatened, among other things, by the degradation of their natural habitat due to urban development. “Given the nature of our activities, it was only natural that we wanted to be directly involved in improving the situation,” says Mélissa Robitaille, Co-president of Syscomax.

The benefits are many and employees will also enjoy the fruit , since they will have access to honey crops and honey products. Workshops will also be offered to employees wishing to learn more about the world of beekeeping. The facilities are safe; the bees are an Italian species known for their mild temperament and which are not attracted by the sugar in food. Syscomax employees can therefore enjoy their lunches in peace.

Once again, Syscomax has built a long-term relationship, but this one is a little sweeter than the others!

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