Syscomax participates in the growth of Keca International Inc.

A major manufacturer of quality furniture located in Montreal, Keca International wanted to expand its business to better meet growth. Once again, they entrusted Syscomax for their construction needs. Having already built the main building, the general construction contractor was the designated partner to ensure the success of this second project. Work began on May 16.

Keca International specializes primarily in the manufacture of furnishings for the elderly at home, the hospitality industry, funeral homes and restaurants. The work is being done on a new lot whose floors require decontaminating, representing a major challenge in terms of work procedures, coordination and deadlines. Syscomax is also handling the reconfiguration of the delivery access area and is coordinating the addition of two new unloading platforms. Finally, a 6000-sq.-ft. mezzanine that will eventually be used for offices will be erected.

The expansion totals an area of ​​22,000 sq. ft. and is expected to be completed by October 2019. Key materials for the renovations include a steel structure, metal cladding and a brick finish.

It goes without saying that we wanted to entrust this project to Syscomax, which has been an important partner in our growth for many years. The project is a great challenge, as the existing delivery platform must remain accessible throughout the process to avoid compromising our day-to-day operations. But this is a reality with which Syscomax is well accustomed.
– Pierre Lemieux, President, Keca International Inc.

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