Syscomax starts construction on a new project to support Moisson Laurentides’ worthy cause

Eager to get involved in its community, construction company Syscomax has partnered with Moisson Laurentides to support the food bank in its efforts to serve a greater number of Laurentians.

By producing the plans and specifications for the new building at no cost, Syscomax made a $250,000 donation to the non-profit organization. Construction began on August 26 and is scheduled to be completed on March 1, 2020. The building will be erected on a steel structure and concrete slabs, and the exterior finishing will be done with metal siding. Everything will be set up to meet Moisson Laurentides’ needs to improve its services and boost its efficiency.

The finished building, located on Legault Street in Blainville, will have a surface area of 21,002 square feet and a total floor area of 24,610 square feet. The building's primary vocation is to serve as a food storage facility. In addition to doubling its surface area, Moisson Laurentides will have four times the refrigeration and freezing space, two times the dry storage space and multiple work areas to accommodate a large number of volunteers at the same time.

Syscomax’s challenge in building this lies in minimizing costs while respecting its construction standards. However, the company also holds this project very dear to its heart and makes sure the job gets done right!

About Moisson Laurentides
Moisson Laurentides reminds us that for every dollar it receives, it hands out the equivalent of $17 in food. The food bank distributes 3.9 million kilograms each year, the equivalent of more than 26 million in market value. By supporting Moisson Laurentides, you enable 101 organizations to feed 20,763 people every month, one-third of whom are children.

To donate to Moisson Laurentides, visit its website at

"Syscomax's involvement in our project was the catalyst that enabled us to think bigger and feed a greater number of people. Food needs are acute in the region, and it had become impossible for us to meet them in our former facilities. Furthermore, we trust that the terms of reference for the project will be respected and that the infrastructure Syscomax builds will be of high quality. As a result, we can focus on our primary mission, which is fighting hunger and feeding hope." - Annie Bélanger, General Manager of Moisson Laurentides

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