The reconstruction of RCI Environnement Laval is going well

RCI Environnement Laval's recycling and sorting centre burned down in 2018. Following this event, Syscomax became the designated responder to stabilize the undisturbed part of the building and thus ensure worker safety. On the strength of the success of its first intervention, Syscomax was mandated by RCI Environnement to carry out a second mandate. This time, the mandate covers the reconstruction of the part destroyed by the fire, a surface area of 28 000 ft2.

To make the infrastructure coherent, the initial concept for the damaged building is the basis for the new execution plans. However, the consulting engineering firm that worked on the original building and Syscomax ensure that all aspects of the new building are optimized. The use of space as well as the efficiency of the areas will be greatly enhanced.

The team in charge of the mandate at Syscomax also collaborated with the engineering department of RCI Environnement Laval to adapt the reconstruction project to sorting processes for complex recyclable materials. Since this is a building that operates heavy industrial equipment, everything has to be considered: the recycling trucks must be able to access it to unload their cargo, and mechanized loaders must be able to collect the materials before they are sent to a large conveyor for sorting. This specific process, therefore, requires a high access height and a very wide structural range. The concrete walls must also be able to withstand the immense pressure of the loaders. Work is currently underway and will be completed by July 2019.

« The involvement of Syscomax following 2018’s unfortunate event was very professional and efficient. The company carried out a major stabilization operation while ensuring that the un-stricken part remained fully functional, which was a big challenge. When it came time to mandate a general contractor to carry out the reconstruction, it was imperative that Syscomax be our partner of choice.
- Jean Beaudoin, Vice President RCI Environment