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Turnkey construction

As fully-integrated solutions, turnkey projects allow clients to focus on what matters most: growing their business. We’ve long since mastered the execution of turnkey projects. The Syscomax difference rest on rigorous planning. We meet budgets and deadlines by paying close attention to every detail, even before the ground-breaking.

Syscomax promises to use your vision as a guiding principle and make promoting your influence a priority.

We’ll oversee your project from start to finish:


More than anyone else, we understand how critical this step is in ensuring a project’s success. We excel at determining specific needs and predicting potential pitfalls. Above all, we are committed to putting your vision to paper or helping you develop a concept.


From the production flow to adapting the project to your standards and estimating costs, no detail is overlooked. Thanks to the scale of our operations, tenders are private. We only deal with targeted and recognized suppliers that respect standards as well as our high standards. Thanks to our fixed price offer, we can set up the process and clear parameters from the get-go.


We’ll coordinate interactions between the various stakeholders as well as the daily management of project stages to ensure an efficient process and generate a result that exceeds expectations.

Risk management

With our accountability as a guarantee, you can rest assured your project is (really!) in good hands.

The success of your project

We see beyond the delivery of the building. The future development of your project lies at the heart of our priorities. We set up winning conditions so that you are positioned at the forefront of your industry.

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Service offer

Project management

Service offer

While the decision-making process can often be complex, it’s also exhilarating. We can help you make the best decisions to meet your goals. As facilitators, we put our vast network and multidisciplinary expertise to work for you. By leveraging the breadth of our experience, we help guide you towards the best solutions. Our integrity makes us a partner of choice to execute successful projects of which you can be proud!

Risk management

Ensuring the success of your project is our priority, which is why we extend our Maximum Guaranteed promise. Working as a team to set project parameters with care and rigour, we can accurately determine detailed costs. Thanks to our exhaustive knowledge in our field, we can deliver budget envelope estimates based on various scenarios by minimizing potential pitfalls and hiring the most competent stakeholders.

We offer expert guidance during all project phases, so your project is guaranteed to meet your expectations.

Teaming up with Syscomax to optimize your deadlines and budget is an opportunity you’d be crazy to pass up!

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