A day to highlight

On this International Women’s Day, we would like to acknowledge the important contribution of Syscomax female builders. The construction field is traditionally male and we are proud at Syscomax to value the major contribution of women. We are actively working to support them in their ambitions to establish themselves in the industry. Strong, creative and inspiring, our builders bring a unique dynamic to our business.

Some A few stunning statistics:

  • They make up 30% of the Syscomax staff
  • 30 years, they have participated in 651 projects
  • They are present in 7 departments
  • They are at the head of 3 departments
  • Two departments are 100% occupied by women
  • They have accumulated 130 years of experience at Syscomax
  • They have worked more than 230,000 hours to help make the company shine

Happy International Women’s Day – thank you for what you are!

General Management: Mélissa Robitaille. Estimation and Drawings: Alyssa Digo, Diane Perron. Execution: Mélanie Amyot, Marie-Claude Castonguay, Édith Goyer, Jennifer Noiseux. Marketing and Communication: Catherine Beaulieu, Marie-Ève Robitaille. Administration and Accounting: Marie-Claude Barbe, Nicole Bouchard, Guylaine Couture, Jessica Denis, Nancy Goyer, Claire Hamel, Johanne Morrier. Legal Affairs: France Joseph, Manon Joseph.

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