Ricochet’s new head office: Imagination comes to life

The construction of Ricochet’s new facilities has ignited the imagination of our talented team. For this exciting new project, Syscomax has been entrusted with constructing a building that will become a symbol of the lively, playful spirit of toymaker Ricochet. Slated for inauguration on May 1st 2024, the building will feature 40,187 sq. ft. (3,733 m2) of floor space and 8,580 sq. ft. (797 m2) of upper-floor space. The brand-new space in Blainville will provide Ricochet with a home to continue developing, manufacturing and distributing quality, affordable toys across Canada.

Working closely with the firm TLA Architectes for the building’s plans and LT Intérieurs for the design, we’ve taken an inventive approach to the new building that perfectly captures Ricochet’s boundless energy. The approach is framed by two key aspects of the project: the design and a tight schedule. On the one hand, everything revolves around the design. Ricochet is a dynamic company that takes pride in its image; we want to ensure that the building communicates this. It is also critical to maximize the use of the available space in order to achieve the highest degree of efficiency while integrating playful elements into the design and creating a professional environment conducive to work. We’ve skilfully combined materials such as metal, wood, concrete and glass to give the project a luxurious, modern feel.

On the other hand, our approach is also guided by a tight schedule. The ambitious timeline, agreed upon with the client, calls for work to start in April, with the warehouse set for a mid-July delivery and the building to be completed in September 2024.

Finally, our vision for this wonderful project is to create a space that is as remarkable as it is entertaining. We have no doubt that the Ricochet project will offer a creative space that embodies the toymaker’s core values, where imagination and inventiveness can thrive for many years to come.

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