New Val-David dental clinic seamlessly integrated into its surroundings

We're delighted to present a new project located along Route 117 in Val-David, a 10,350 sq. ft. (962 sq. m) commercial building that will house the Simon Grondin dental and implant clinic and two rental spaces.

This project’s value-added engineering is based on three core pillars: strict adherence to the budget without compromising on quality design, functionality with a focus on maintenance to ensure the longevity of the building, and careful management of the schedule for delivery in March 2024.

This project's value-added engineering is based on three fundamental pillars: strict budgetary adherence without compromising on high-quality design, functionality with a focus on maintenance to ensure the building's lifespan, and careful timetable management to ensure delivery in March 2024.

Designed by Carta Architecte + Designer, the project’s architectural vision takes its inspiration from the natural environment, preserving existing vegetation and using natural light to the best advantage inside the building. The choice of materials, including cedar and stone, blends seamlessly with the Nordic landscape. The outdoor lighting is carefully and cleverly concealed by the vegetation, creating a unique ambience during the day and revealing the starry sky at night.

Overall, this project embodies the values of conscious environmental integration, combining quality, sustainability, and visual appeal, while preserving Val-David's natural assets.

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