Syscomax Runs 227,1 km for a Local Cause

Under blue skies, Syscomax employees and their families laced up their running shoes once again on June 11 to take part in the “Courir à notre santé 2023” (let’s run for our health) event, aimed at raising funds for the Fondation de l’Hôpital régional de Saint-Jérôme.

This year, the event took place at Bell Textron in Mirabel, and the various running and walking events were completed by a staggering number of nearly 1,350 runners, who enjoyed a variety of courses, interesting kiosks and lively entertainment.

67.65% of the foundation's monetary goal of $100,000 was raised, totaling $67,652 which will be invested in the purchase of a Fibroscan®, a device that helps determine the condition of the liver.

Since people’s health is a priority at Syscomax, it was only natural that the company would participate in this event to support the cause of this local hospital. As a company that is deeply involved in the community, this was yet another philanthropic success that Syscomax can be proud of.

To all participants, we raise our construction helmets to you and say, “Until next year!”

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