A new building at the Aérocité international de Mirabel

Syscomax has added another achievement to its aeronautical portfolio by delivering a new rental building for a company operating in the aviation sector. The new 24,000 ft2 facilities owned by 6628061 Canada Inc. has met a pressing need for rental space in the Greater Montreal area. Located on the Aérocité de Mirabel territory, the building includes a large warehouse, a bright cafeteria and office space. This new building, built in only five months, called on Syscomax’s creative and proactive side.

Pairing “construction” and “retention”
The sense of belonging at Syscomax is one of the company’s core values. Therefore, to involve employees as much as possible in this project, Syscomax offered them the opportunity to invest in the project and become owners of this new building. Twelve employees answered the call and set up Zodiak Investissements. On October 1, 2021, the new financial partners were incredibly proud and excited to visit THEIR building. The project was a fabulous way to rally the troops and create a sense of unity!

“The open-mindedness that Syscomax invokes in its corporate values isn’t idle talk: we put our words into action," says Syscomax's Co-President and General Manager, Mélissa Robitaille.

Syscomax once again distinguishes itself and continues to build projects that make the company a leader in the construction of unique buildings created by a team of talented individuals!

For more photos of the project, click here.

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