The business relationship continues between Syscomax and Boulangerie Lanthier

Syscomax is proud to announce the delivery of a major renovation and expansion mandate for the Boulangerie Lanthier plant located in Baie-d’Urfé. In 2016, in collaboration with its main shareholder, the French company La Fournée Dorée, Boulangerie Lanthier developed a new range of brioche breads and today is aiming to specialize in this niche market whose demand is steadily growing.

The goal of Syscomax was to help Boulangerie Lanthier upgrade its facilities in order to support the new product’s growth. The new production line required a 85,450-sq.-ft. expansion. Constructed on a steel structure and covered with Norbec panelling and epoxy-finished flooring, the new section features a roof covered with a polyolefin thermoplastic (TPO) monofilament membrane chosen for its excellent sustainability to price ratio.

Work was completed between August 2018 and June 2019. The expansion includes several measures to improve the plant’s energy efficiency such as LED lighting and a major rainwater retention pond. This project had its own set of challenges, but the biggest was unquestionably the tight deadlines. The company had to be able to produce its brioche bread quickly, so the Syscomax team went into fast-track mode, which required close collaboration between the various stakeholders and the company’s operations team. This was done in parallel with the production of Boulangerie Lanthier breads, which meant that no major interruption in production could occur.

This is the third major project Syscomax has undertaken for Boulangerie Lanthier since 2013, in addition to several minor improvements over the years. It’s a long-time collaboration that reflects a very solid business relationship, and Syscomax is always happy to go to the paradise of hot buns!

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